BestFit Announces Partnership with Step Ahead Scholars
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Atlanta, GA -- Month Date, 2021 -- BestFit, Inc., an online platform connecting students with social resources, announced today its partnership with Step Ahead Scholars, a non-profit organization focused on eradicating college access inequality by empowering underserved students to and through college.
In this year-long partnership, both groups will support each other in order to grow their impact and network for helping historically underserved college students. BestFit will be providing Georgia college students with in-kind eligibility screening and benefits application support. Together, both groups will participate in community engagement opportunities to increase awareness of student basic needs in the public. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown an increase in food insecurity in college students nationwide, leading the government to temporarily expand SNAP benefits to college students. With this partnership, BestFit can reach its goal of enrolling 1,000 students in the temporary SNAP expansion by the end of this year.
“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Step Ahead Scholars to help connect students to the basic needs resources.,” says Asha Owens, founder, BestFit. “This will be a great opportunity to test our technologies on application support and eligibility screening, and track the impact we’re having with it. We’re also looking forward to being able to make the public aware of the needs of so many students, especially in this educational landscape of remote/distance learning.”
(Description of Step Ahead Scholars goals and objectives and why they entered this partnership)
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