A Practitioner’s Guide: Georgia SNAP For College Students
November 08, 2021
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Hunger and Homelessness Week is here! As schools and organizations shine a spotlight on ending food and housing insecurity in college students, we want to provide resources to help these practitioners.
This guide is designed to guide practitioners in Georgia - those who work in social services and help others apply for benefits - through the process of applying for SNAP benefits, sometimes called food stamps, for college students. A Georgia EBT card can be a critical part of making sure a student gets enough nutritional support to succeed in school. But, finding and applying for assistance can be time consuming and confusing, on top of the regular stress of being in college. We hope that the information in these one-page resources will make it easier for you to get students the resources they need.
Quick Eligibility Tool:
This yes/no list can help you determine if a student might be eligible for Georgia SNAP, also known as EBT. However, the list doesn’t cover important considerations like income and expenses. We recommend using BestFit’s screening tool to fully evaluate each student profile.
Application Tips:
We’ll cover the three main steps of the application process, including a list of what verification or documents might be necessary. Whether you work for a university or simply encounter a lot of students in your daily role, we hope that this information is helpful.
The Student Perspective:
As the second blog post in this series, we’re also publishing advice from the student perspective. We spoke with a Kennesaw State alumna who applied for food stamps while attending school full-time. Her experience provides a great view of how helpful application assistance can be for a busy student.
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