February 24, 2020
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“Hacking” College Costs is our new weekly series. We’re giving you an insider look into how much college really costs, and how to prepare well. Written by real college students who’ve seen it all, these posts will help you stay financially healthy during and after college. Why textbooks? Textbooks are an essential part of succeeding in college. While they are a necessity, they also cause a lot of strain and stress because of their extreme costs. Professors usually advise students to purchase their required books from school bookstores, but many students don't know that there are cheaper options that give you the same books — at a better price!
The average college student spends more than $1,250 a year on books and materials.
Source: Collegeboard
As the price of textbooks has more than doubled over the past ten years, it's safe to say that students are now using different resources to minimize the extreme costs of textbooks. In this post, we'll analyze the different options available to refrain from spending too much money on textbooks. Below are options that you can choose from to help you avoid possible sticker shock while shopping for required textbooks throughout your college experience:
Create an Amazon Prime Account for Students:
Amazon provides a 6-month free trial for college students (with benefits such as free two-day shipping). You can create an Amazon Prime Student account by clicking here and filling out the required information. While you do have to pay after your free trial, there is a steep discount and definitely worth the time and effort.
It's Worth the Effort… All in all, minimizing textbook costs has the potential to be lengthy and excessive, but your wallet will definitely thank you in the long run! By doing research, taking notes on what you find, and exploring your options, we can almost 100% guarantee that you will find the cheapest textbook that fits your classes!